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I'm thrilled you're here. What you see below is the culmination of a lot of planning, writing and rewriting! I’m using this space to showcase my stories, thoughts and work samples. Please be in touch to let me know what you think.



I am half Finnish and half German, who was raised in Belgium. There I attended the European School, where Finnish was my first language and German second. Currently, I am the Board Member of the Tiebreak company that focuses on electrical consultation.

Previously, I worked as the Sales and Marketing Director at Gisica Ltd. Gisica has a considerable expertise in Image and LiDAR processing, Orthophoto and other LiDAR services. It was a fixed-term employment contract. My responsibilities included planning and implementing sales and marketing activities, finding new leads, organizing demo samples and maintaining the company CRM. My tasks also included website maintenance, translation into both English and Finnish, content creation such as blog posts, maintaining various social media channels and creating Google Adword campaigns, newsletters and email campaigns and market research.

Prior to that I worked as the Partnerships Manager at Nordic Business Forum. I was responsible for developing and maintaining our relationships with our partners and I led our partnership team to achieve set targets, managing performance, giving feedback and reporting to the Group COO.

I am not your ordinary next-door girl, as my hobbies include construction work at building sites. Carpentry, concrete casting, welding, plumbing and various other jobs are not foreign to me. A girl has to do what a girl has to do, even if it means getting sparks and molten metal flying.

On the calmer side, I have gained extensive experience in management in various organizations including board of directors of a firm. On the representation side, I used to run the United Nations Association Estonia and enjoyed the Estonian diplomatic circles.

I’ve never wanted to tie myself down to any one path or career, and this site showcases the many journeys I’ve taken. I do many different things, but each project I take on, I approach with the greatest enthusiasm and focus. Take the time to explore my writing, visuals, work samples and more. I hope you find it interesting and that it sparks something inside you.


I’ve put together a selection of my most recent and memorable work. I’m proud of each and every piece in my Writing Portfolio, and hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. For any inquiries, please get in touch.


I am currently the Board Member of the electricity company Tiebreak. My previous task as the Sales and Marketing Director at Gisica Ltd ended this July 2021. My responsibilities included full-range marketing from marketing and sales plans, lead generation to after-sales, social media content creation, blog posts, newsletter and website management. You can visit the webpage from the link:

Notebook and Pen

Welcome to check out my personal blog!  I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with others.


>> Read on, and enjoy. <<



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